For many years, the pretty Derbyshire town of Belper has lived in fear of a terrifying beast. It has roamed the hills for generations, worrying sheep, spilling pints and running amok at the local farmers' markets. Many have tried to rid the town of this accursed monster but none have succeded.

So in 2013, famous big game hunter Lady Felicity Chumbley Wynn-Bagg, and renouned gentleman naturalist Professor Percival Pollock joined forces to capture the beast and save the town once and for all.

But they were no match for the wiley Beast Of Belper and her tribe of ferocious little beasts.

The Beast of Belper was a raucous piece of outdoor theatre for all the family, performed in Belper River Gardens as the finale of the 2013 Belper Arts Festival.

'It was really entertaining for everyone, funny, bright and playful'

'Very inclusive of children and adults and very funny'

Audience feedback

Creative Team

Director/Choreographer: Kitty Winter

Composer/Musician: Wayne Walker-Allen

Designer: Dorrie Scott


Lady Felicity Chumbley Wynn-Bagg: Laura Chambers

Professor Percival Pollock: Tim Evans

The Beast of Belper: James Bartley and Alice Vale

Little Beasts: Chad Ditheridge, Lucas Eacock, Mia Ratcliffe, Hannah Spencer, Lotty Whitfield

Performed at Belper River Gardens as the finale of Belper Arts Festival 2013

A WinterWalker production commissioned by Belper Arts Festival

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